Cracked Iphone Still Under Warranty >>>

What does Apple's warranty include? Every iPhone comes with complimentary telephone technical support for 90 days from your iPhone purchase and a one-year limited warranty detailed here. iPhone Model Screen Repair Price with AppleCare+ Screen Repair Price without AppleCare+ iPhone 5 $49 $129 iPhone 5S, 5C, 6 Plus $79 $129iPhone 6$79$109iPhone 6S$99$129iPhone 6S Plus$99$149 Depot Repair If you have an out-of-warranty Mac with multiple issues, for example, it's in need of a new hard drive and a new display, ask the Apple Store Genius about a "depot repair." This is a flat-rate repair and should cost around $300. Khaula Rizwan Hi Scotty,Fortunately got the screen repaired for $137 (with tax). So, just wanted to share the experience. There are three possible outcomes:Out of warranty1st year manufacturers warrantyCovered by AppleCare+Out Of WarrantyIf you are out of warranty, dont freak out. We've yet to hear from someone without AppleCare+ who was able to argue for a free screen replacement having smashed their iPhone. Chances are you bought your iPhone on a contract, if this is the case you could go back to your mobile network provider and argue that the iPhone failed to meet the terms of the contract due to the fault. They have sent it back to me saying they cant replace it because its been modified&I bought it new from the Apple store and Ive never done anything to it! Any brilliant ideas how to convince them that I havent modified it? Im not asking for a warranty repair obviously just that they will replace the screen for me.Have you come across this before? Any thoughts very welcome! Scotty Loveless Hmm& thats very strange. iOS 10, MacOS Sierra and a better Siri: Everything Apple just announced at WWDC 2016. I highly recommend going there for more information.One thing to note is that if AppleCare sends you the device first, they will charge you the full cost of the device as collateral until they receive your broken device in return.

Apple has a statement on the matter of jailbreaking: "iOS is designed to be reliable and secure from the moment you turn on your device. You know how those Samsung Galaxy 7s are exploding in peoples pants? Yeah, thats what will happen.Dont do it. What would be the pros and cons of replacing the screen with someone unrelated to Apple? disquspg41rvZ4qj My dads screen on his iphone 5c is not cracked but the touch screen is completely unresponsive. He let a drunk lady take off his screen protector and when she reapplied it, it had dust, crumbs and hair trapped underneath it. Apple willvoid your warrantyYou may think, Oh, theyll never know I got it done somewhere else. Heres why:Apple will replace your device for a reasonable cost while maintaining your current warranty status. If you are out of warranty, Apple will actually give you a 90 day warranty on the new device.Tip Mixed Warranty RepairIf you are still under AppleCare, AppleCare+, or the 1 year manufacturers warranty and you have a broken screen AND another issue thatiscovered under warranty, Apple will actually replace your device for free IF the other issue is not in any way connected to the screen break.For example, if your lock button is jammed (top of device) and the bottom of your screen is cracked, its up to the Family Room Specialist to make the call on whether or not the lock button issue is or is not related to the screen break. Pin It on Pinterest. They even buy ones with broken screens, so you can turn your old phone into extra cash.How to Prevent Screen Damage in the FutureTheres not any foolproof solution for preventing damage to screens. Heres why:Apple will replace your device for a reasonable cost while maintaining your current warranty status.

If youre not careful, you could end up violating your warranty from Apple and losing all the support and benefits it offers.If Your iPhone Is Under WarrantyUnfortunately, the standard warranty that comes with the iPhone doesnt cover accidental damage(this is true of consumer electronics generally), which means that a cracked screen isnt something that can be fixed for free. (I dont have coverage beyond my year warranty; was trying to see if I could get it covered under that warranty when I read it might be possible.) I really feel like if I was able to go to an Apple Store in person, I might have a different result. Search the site GO . Also worth considering: you may not even need the second year's additional coverage. Use Apple for your replacementTake your iPhone to Apple for repair, it will beDo not take it to the mall kiosk guy, the iRepairFixBreakYouFixit place, your local gas station that does iPhone repairs, or some whizz-kid that can do it in his lair. Youcan call AppleCare or go to anAppleStore Genius Bar, and they will run an iOS diagnostics program (they can do it remotely if you call in; they will direct you to a webpage which will start the diagnostics).If you buy a used product thatcomes with AppleCare, no transferis needed as warranties are associated with the device and not the owner.In the event that you do need to transfer AppleCare, see the below Apple article. You may even be able to use the Sale of Goods Act to argue that issues arising from wear and tear were due to a manufacturing defect, although to do this you may need an expert's report from an engineer or a mechanic.

Check Your Warranty StatusHead over to Apples warranty checker to check your status. Another potential fix is simply to do a software update. If during the plan’s coverage period, your iPhone battery drops below 50% of its original capacity Apple will replace it. You can extend your coverage to two years from the date of your iPhone purchase with the AppleCare+ Protection Plan for iPhone. I saw this on Macworld UK and thought you should see it too. How can I get Apple to replace my iPhone? Having said that, it is our experience that returning an iPhone to Apple for a replacement is a stress-free experience and you may not need to follow any of the advice above. Crucially, since December 2009 Apple has used the phrase "Liquid Contact Indicator" to describe the tape, which before that date it described it as a "Liquid Submersion Indicator". Thanks! Joshua Dumesnil I opened up an iphone for a friend than closed it. : CommunitiesSign inPostBrowse discussionsContact SupportSearchCommunitiesContact SupportSign inContentPeopleSearch Looking for something in Apple Support Communities? The page you tried was not found.

Will they replace her iphone 6s for 299? That would be better than 600 new. I thought I lost hope until my best friend told me that apple can fix my screen. In this case, its even more important that you go directly to Apple, since using an unauthorized repair shop will not only void your standard warranty but also the AppleCare warranty, meaning youre just throwing out the money you spent on it.Unlike the standard iPhone warranty, AppleCare does cover up to 2 incidents of accidental damage, with afee for each repair. You will be much better off for it.Dont Do It YourselfYou can literally die if you try to replace the screen of an iPhone or iPad yourself and you dont know what youre doing. Chances are you can fix the phone yourself if you follow this advice. Below is a list of AppleCare for differentproductsand the cost for each. AppleCare for Macs now offers a total of three years warranty as opposed to one for standard warranty. 3. Will Apple fix it? No. Finally took the protector off after a few days and the screen has gradually stopped working. a8336db058
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